martes, 15 de febrero de 2011


Today we have news from Purplemoon, Poulet designed a new dress called Mystery and these are her words:
“I wanted to design an elegant and sexy gown and the first thoughts that came to my mind were, feathers, lace and slim.
So I put all those words in a pot, shaked them for a couple of hours and baked them for another two.
I let it stand one day and I brought it to you: "Mystery"

Ladies, "Mystery" is served in five different colors, looks yummy and ready to be enjoyed.”
Here is the dress in cherry and violet for you to enjoy, and matches perfectly with Kis Hair from the same brand, Purplemoon.

And let me add one more design from Purplemoon to this post, I think that’s simply beautiful so I must have it on my blog. Ms. Koenkamp had the honor of design the National Gown for Miss Germany, Leandra Breen, to be worn at Miss Virtual World Final Show.  Ms. Breen wore the black version for the Show.
The dress is called EDELWEISS and it comes in 5 colors: Black, Red, Purple, Green and Blue.

¡Gracias Poulet por la oportunidad de dar a conocer tus fantásticos diseños!

sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

News from Champagne! Sparkling Fashion

Today I’m going to present to you three of the latest releases from Champagne! Sparkling Fashion. They are going to blow your mind!! Get your lindens ready because you must have these great designs!






The Samba is a Brazilian dance and musical genre originating in Africa.  Around the world it is recognized as a symbol of Brazil and the Brazilian Carnival.  When you hear the drum beat of the Samba, you are instantly in a happy mood.  And now CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion is pleased to present SAMBA for you to wear!  Ladies, you have not seen anything like SAMBA!

The top and bottom bikini-base of this outfit, along with the prominent, high-standing collar are made in a striking pattern of blue, green, gold, black, and white.  Adorning both the top and bottom are blue gems set in golden swirls and flexi-chain jewelry that move with you.
But -- oh my -- the feathers!!!  Volumes and volumes of spectacular green and blue feathers on your back bring this outfit alive with color, movement, and sensational brilliance!!  The headpiece of SAMBA, too, contains these gorgeous feathers attached to a cap that matches the pattern of the bikini (and the matching gloves with cuff detail), and are accessorized with sparkling gold musical clefs and bright blue jewels!
And just when you think it cannot get any better -- streams of golden sparkle adorn this outfit on both sides, falling all the way to the floor, and accented with additional, stunning blue jewels and  large golden swirls which also attach to the back and complete this resplendent ensemble.  Ladies, you simply must see this sophisticated, glitzy, glamorous, and astonishing creation to truly appreciate its magnificence!  WOW does not even really begin to describe the feeling when you wear this outfit!!
With the New Year celebration upon us, and with Carnival and Mardi Gras coming up in February, the timing for releasing this sensational creation could not be better!  Samba will take your breath away and we guarantee that all eyes will be on you when you enter a room with this sensational myriad of feathers, glitz, and sparkle adorning your body!
Take the landmark to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion and make SAMBA your own!


To celebrate the beauty of the Winter season, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion presents ICED!
We all enjoy the charm of Winter; how serene the sun shines, the snowfall, frosty climate, snowball fights, fun of skating, warmth of fireplaces - and of course Christmas – The Festival of Lights, and all the warmth and feelings related to this auspicious occasion.  All these things make us feel ecstatic and delighted in the chilly season of Winter.
To celebrate this magical season, I have created a very special formal gown called ICED.  Offered in silver or in blue, ICED is pure elegance mixed with a touch of glamour, bold charm, and quality that is truly unsurpassed.  The bodice of this sleeveless form-fitting gown will show all of your assets in their best light!  A bold V plunge in the front is highlighted by contrasting color on each side of the bodice.  Directly underneath the bodice, the gown is tightly synched with a wide belt and joined in the center with a beautiful gem-encrusted accessory.  A striking panel of sequins flows down from the empire waist, abruptly changing into yards of gorgeous satin that drape to the floor and flare out slightly at the bottom.  A beautifully feminine silk train follows your every move as you glide around the room or on the dance floor.  And icicles are prominently displayed on the right shoulder with a cascading cape flowing behind you.
And no Ice Princess would be complete without a matching crown of icicles on her head!  Also included are matching gloves with sequined cuffs at the top.  This is a truly breathtaking gown, ladies, and so perfect for this time of the year!
Would you like to be a stunning Ice Princess this Winter season?  Then ICED is for you.  A gown such as ICED deserves to be seen to be appreciated. 
Pick yours up today!


Enzo created IRISH for Carilynn OHare, who represented Ireland in the 2011 Miss Virtual World competition.  Carilynn shared her thoughts about IRISH and what it means and these are her words:
“Creating an appropriate and meaningful national costume for the Miss Virtual World competition is a challenge for any designer.  But Enzo Champagne captured perfectly my conceptual visualization when he designed IRISH.
The heart of IRISH is in its stunning symbolism.  The back piece is a very large Celtic shamrock which contains green, white, and orange jewels, symbolizing the colors of the Ireland flag.  Celtic designs are a variety of mostly endless knots that are stylized graphical representations used for decoration and which were adopted by the ancient Celts.  So it was important to me to have something in IRISH that was specifically “Celtic” in nature.  Hence the Celtic shamrock.
A long and regal emerald green train flows from the waist to the floor in a very grand sweep of color and majesty.  Around the bottom of the train is striking gold edging that glistens against the brilliant green.  Gorgeous!
The bodice and pants of IRISH are surrounded by a myriad of vines and shamrocks.  The shamrock is the most recognized national symbol of Ireland and Enzo Champagne created volumes of beautiful shamrocks to cover the center and top of IRISH.  He even included two small groups of shamrocks with green ribbons to hold in your hands!
And around the waist of IRISH is the Claddagh, which is a heart held by a pair of hands with a crown above.  The hands symbolize friendship, the heart is love, and the crown is loyalty.  In a nutshell, the meaning of the Claddagh could be summarized as 'Let Love and Friendship Reign Forever.'
With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon (March 17), it is not too early to make IRISH your own.  

jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

COURTISANE: The new from Champagne!

Cinderella is alive and well at CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion and she is wearing COURTISANE!  You will not only be the belle of the ball in this stunning masterpiece, when you disappear at midnight, you will leave behind the memory of your beauty, charm, elegance, and grace.......

In your choice of White, Creme, Emeraude (Green), or Blue, COURTISANE is memorable in many respects.  The full-bodied gown is powerful in its presence, surrounding you in folds of gorgeous satin.  The full skirt is knee-length in the front and is full length in the back and makes a visually strong impact.  The bodice of the gown is cut in a deep V, is fitted at the waist, and is backless - very alluring!  A beautifully embroidered, sculpted cape surrounds your shoulders, open in the back, and closed in the front with a striking gem flower and tassle at the nape of your neck.  Every detail on this gown is unique, feminine, and just plain sensational!

Also included is a pair of matching gloves with sculpted tops.  And your identity will be revealed only when you remove the fabulous face masque that has been included as well!

COURTISANE is for the woman of elegance, mystery, and sophistication.  Whether you are looking for your prince or you want to make a lasting impression, COURTISANE will keep everyone's attention on you!

Hurry to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion and pick up COURTISANE!

sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

Morgane’s Runway: Princess set

Poses day!! Yes, today I’m going to show you the new Morgane’s Runway: Princess set.
The pack comes with 6 poses especially made for big and very puffy gowns. And the best part is that it has one curtain pose so you don’t have to make a manual turn on runway, which makes my life sooo much easier!
Scroll down to see the pics.

Día de poses!! Si, hoy les voy a mostrar las nuevas poses de Morgane’s Runway: Princess set.
El pack viene con 6 poses especialmente diseñadas para vestidos grandes y vaporosos. Y la mejor parte es que tiene una pose de telón para no tener que girar manualmente en la pasarela, eso hace mi vida muuucho más fácil!
Fotos abajo.

New release from Elate!: Mei

Elate! has a new release, a cute little dress: Mei. This design comes in 8 colors: Blush, Cobalt, Cranberry, Emerald, Ice, Onyx, Plum and Sky.
Go and get yours now!! It’s the dress that will get you noticed.
Scroll down to see the pics.

Elate! tiene un nuevo lanzamiento, un hermoso vestido corto: Mei. Este diseño viene en 8 colores: Blush, Cobalt, Cranberry, Emerald, Ice, Onyx, Plum and Sky.
Ve y compra el tuyo ahora!! Este es el vestido que te hará destacar.
Fotos abajo.

jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Finesmith has a looooot to offer

Finesmith Designs has a lot to offer. Today I’m going to show you the new and amazing releases from Finesmith, group gifts, promos and the Finesmith Style About Contest.
Scroll down to see what I’m talking about.


Finesmith Designs tiene mucho que ofrecer. Hoy les voy a mostrar los nuevos y espectaculares lanzamientos de Finesmith, el regalo de grupo, promos y sobre el concurso Finesmith Style About.
Fotos abajo.

Finesmith Style About is one of the bigger and exiting contest ever. This week the theme is Fetish so Friday 11/19 at 9 AM you are all invited to take part of this and come see the event.


Finesmith Style About es uno de los concursos más grandes y exitantes que existen. Esta semana el tema es Fetiche, así que este viernes 19 de noviembre a las 9 AM están todos invitados a formar parte de esto y ver el evento.

Fifty5 Thursday 11/18

Sale 7AM TO 7AM Thursdays
designers setup one or more items for SaaaaLe in 55L. , look for the Fifty 5 Thursday subscriber to find the item.
Join Fashion Alert/ Fifty5 Thursdays group to get the list every week or subscribe our subscribers.

Desde 7 AM hast alas 7 AM Thursday.
Los diseñadores ponen uno o más ítems a 55L, busca el Fifty 5 Thursday suscriber para descubrir más info.
Únete al Fashion Alert / Fifty 5 grupo para tener todas las semana la lista de los diseñadores.

  • Finesmith Designs

Hope you had a good time- see you next week J

Espero que hayan disfrutado el día de shopping, hasta el próximo Fifty Thursday J